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UpCloud high performance VPS pricing now starts at $5/month

This blog and a number of other services run on an UpCloud VPS that provides high performance hosting with MaxIOPS technology that is faster than SSDs. I've been very happy with the service and would like to point out the readers of this blog that they are now more affordable.

In an announcement on March 1st the company announced a new pricing scheme for it's range of VPSes. The selection starts from a $5/month plan and scales all the way up to a beast with 20 CPU cores, 128 Gigabytes of RAM and 2 Terabytes of fast disk storage.

This covers the full spectrum of VPS needs from hobbyists like me to enterprise grade hosting with servers located in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, Singapore and the Netherlands. The company offers a 100% SLA with a 50x multiplier for disruptions longer than 5 minutes.

For a risk free trial of the developer and admin friendly VPS service you can get $25 worth free credits without entering credit card details: $25 free UpCloud credits for sign ups

The complete price list of UpCloud VPSes for March 2018 is below:

Memory CPU Storage Transfer Price
1 GB 1 25 GB 1 TB $5/mo
2 GB 1 50 GB 2 TB $10/mo
4 GB 2 80 GB 4 TB $20/mo
8 GB 4 160 GB 5 TB $40/mo
16 GB 6 320 GB 6 TB $80/mo
32 GB 8 640 GB 7 TB $160/mo
48 GB 12 960 GB 9 TB $240/mo
64 GB 16 1280 GB 10 TB $320/mo
96 GB 20 1920 GB 12 TB $480/mo
128 GB 20 2048 GB 24 TB $640/mo

PHP Benchmarks on UpCloud VPS

Here are some of the benchmarks I've done in the UpCloud environment:

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Thursday March 1, 2018
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