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eZ Platform is now Ibexa DXP: A Digital Experience Platform on Symfony

For the past 12 months or so we've worked on a big update to the product range of my day job at Ibexa. The company was earlier known as eZ Systems and is the creator of the eZ Publish CMS. It was followed by eZ Platform, an evolution to a full stack Symfony app.

The next step for the company and its products is extending the focus to providing a Digital Experience Platform. As eZ Platform before it, Ibexa DXP offers tools for developers for building complex websites and web apps. This includes a lot of plumbing like a content engine, dynamic routing and an administration interface.

As a developer you can work with Ibexa DXP in many weays, on the backend using standard Symfony 5 techniques, or take advantage of the REST APIs and GraphQL to interface directly with browsers or integration platforms like Dell Boomi or Workato. You're also free to modify the back office with Symfony or React.js.

There are now three products in the family, with different capabilities: Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce. While these are commercial products we have our Open Core, Ibexa Open Source, distributed under the GPL license.

To learn more about Ibexa DXP technology head over to the Developer Portal to get started with Ibexa DXP or read our introduction blog post: Introducing Ibexa DXP 3.2

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Monday November 2, 2020
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