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The future of WordPress is JavaScript

I have been debating on the future of WordPress, but that is now all clear. The future of WordPress is all JavaScript. The first step in this is a new interface, Calypso, open sourced today by Automattic - the driving force behind WordPress development.

Calypso is a modern shell for the old WordPress back end, using the soon to be available REST API. The shell is built with contemporary technologies such as React and Node.js. The interface is built off a clean slate and is already in production use over at

At it's first step Calypso is an editing shell for writing, reading and managing all of your WordPress installations (still running on PHP and MySQL) in one place. In hindsight it is obvious that something like this was going on as Automattic was heavily making ways into the JavaScript realm with sponsorship of React conferences and more.

At this stage this is just the first move into where the legacy PHP backend can eventually be replaced with something else - Maybe JavaScript driven, maybe something complely different. Just a few days ago I was speculating if something like this would be worth creating - granted with the option of switching back and forth backends - not coupled to WordPress.

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Written by Jani Tarvainen on Monday November 23, 2015
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