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PHP-PM 1.0 launches with Docker images and Symfony 3+ support

Running an application server written in PHP has been feasible for some years. One of the robus mature options for this has been PHP-PM, a process manager. Now the project has reached a major milestone with the release of 1.0.

The PHP-PM team realeased the first stable release on 8th of January 2018. It builds on the work done for some years and it builds on ReactPHP. ReactPHP is a low-level library for event-driven programming in PHP.

PHP-PM allows creating long running PHP processes that serve applications directly instead of relying an embededded PHP (like with Apache's mod_php) or a web server with PHP process manager (as with Nginx and PHP-FPM).

The release notes highlight a number of improvements, including bridges for static web server, PS7 as well as Symfony HttpKernel for Symfony versions 3 and higher. In addition there has been work on improved stability and an upgrade of ReactPHP/http to version 0.8.

One of the hurdles of using PHP-PM has been the overhead of setting up production instances, but with the PHP-PM project now offering official Docker containers, this is now less of an issue as Docker is becoming a staple for deploying web applications written in PHP, and many other languages.

An initial report on Reddit is highlighing over 4x performance on a standard Symfony application. i It will be interesting to see if 2018 will be the year when application servers for PHP go mainstream.

Learn more about PHP-PM:

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Monday January 8, 2018
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