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Using the eZ Platform PHP API in Symfony Commands and Controllers

eZ Platform has an API exposed to PHP developers through the Symfony service mechanism. The eZ Platform documentation is getting better by the day and there are comprehensive references for the core functionalities like...

While they do provide the information, the StackOverflow Generation™ prefers concrete examples. And let's face it, "reading the man page" is often a wall of text that only frustrates you. The documentation team has started working on cookbooks and tutorials:

The eZ Platform API has been stable for a number of years (in eZ Publish) and there is a great Cookbook bundle with practical examples for common tasks, but they are bit hard to find and access for human search interfaces. I split them on this site and published them with a descriptive title:

Happy hacking! :)

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Wednesday March 30, 2016
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