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The most popular CMS in China is DedeCMS

China is a very special market on the internet. Everything from search engines to social media to eCommerce is a different playing field from the global standards. Instead of Google, Twitter and Amazon you've got Baidu, Sina Weibo and Taobao.

As Drupal has become a big business for Dries and companly, they've also set their eyes on the market: Reflections on Drupal in China. It'll be interesting how this invasion of Western Open Source will proceed on the content management industry.

The current king of this market is DedeCMS - a fully featured Open Source Content Management System built on the common LAMP platform. From my point of view usability is not the strongest part of the product.

You're free to download and try the most popular CMS in China from the official DedeCMS site.

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Sunday June 28, 2015
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