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Spotlight: PHP 7.1 and Symfony 3.1

2015 was a big year for PHP an Symfony with big releases in PHP 7 and Symfony 3. Continuing on the releases both of the Open Source projects are now in the process of releasing first point-one releases with PHP 7.1 and Symfony 3.1 respectively.

PHP 7.1 is in planning stages

The PHP 7.1 feature set is still being nailed together and there is no definite release date.Thanks to an excellent post from Amo Chohan here is an overview of what's in store for the first release:

  • Catching multiple exception types
  • Curl HTTP/2 server push support
  • Support class constant visibility
  • Void return types
  • Generalize support of negative string offsets
  • Allow specifying keys in list() and square bracket syntax for array destructuring
  • Warn about invalid strings in arithmetic
  • Deprecate and remove mcrypt()

Read the whole article: Upcoming changes in PHP 7.1

Symfony 3.1 is in Beta

On May 13th the Symfony team released the first beta of Symfony 3.1. As per the usual predictable release schedule Symfony 3.1 is expected to be released later this month.

The official Symfony website has already highlighted a number of features and enhancements:

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Saturday May 14, 2016
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