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Local Symfony events in Paris, Oslo, London and Cologne this April

The stereotypical view of software developers is that they're introverts who enjoy spending time alone working on their computers. But ever since the early days of computing there's been meetups of all sorts, including the Homebrew Computer Club which was instrumental in making Silicon Valley what it is today.

Even today with the capabilities to host online meetings, meatspace (ha!) events remain as popular as ever. Ranging from large corporate style conventions with focus on marketing to smaller grass roots level meetups where a three guys meet up in a pub.

Arguably the best thing about these local meetups is that they're often held in the native language, but in any case always have their local feel. There's always some specific things in different cultures and locations that we're often unaware of ourselves.

The Symfony Helsinki Meetup group has an event coming up in May. It's a great opportunity to get to know the faces behind the avatars and to talk shop in your local slang; MySQL is known as Mysli (Muesli) in Finnish, for example :)

Find new offline friends online

Symfony is a global effort, but with the roots and many notable developers in France it's easy for people to view it as a French project. But the group of people using Symfony are from all over the world, whilst mostly communicating in English, there are plenty of events out there for local audiences. is a great tool for finding and organising local events of all kinds - not just Symfony related. So even if there's no grand event in your city or village this month, there might be a PHP Pub Crawl or something like that going down in Dublin.

But for sure, there are four interesting events happening all around Europe this April:

  1. SymfonyLive Paris
    A two day event with all things Symfony
    Location: Paris, France
    Time: April 7th - 8th
  2. Symfony Meetup Oslo
    A meetup themed around performance (PHP 7, MariaDB MaxScale, Symfony)
    Location: Oslo, Norway
    Time: April 20th 16:30
  3. Symfony Meetup London
    A meetup themed around microservices
    Location: London, UK
    Time: April 25th 18:30
  4. SymfonyLive Cologne
    A three day event with all things Symfony, including Workshops
    Location: Cologne, Germany
    Time: April 27th - 29th

In the longer term there are interesting things happening in the summer too... The Symfony Catalunya is held in July and the PHP / eZ SummerCamp at the turn of August and September.

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Friday April 1, 2016
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