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Lesser known Symfony eCommerce projects: WellCommerce and ONGR

Symfony is a significant effort in itself, but because it offers a stable platform for other project to build on - many know Symfony through other high profile projects like Laravel or Magento. But these well known projects are only a tip of the iceberg. Some interesting options utilising Symfony are WellCommerce and the ONGR projects.

In the recent weeks I have stumbled on a few interesting endeavours utilising the Symfony Framework. These two projects are the WellCommerce platform and the ONGR project with it's bundles. Both are geared for eCommerce and make the scene richer in addition to better known efforst like Sylius and Thelia.

WellCommerce is a complete eCommerce platform, similar to Magento or other similar offerings out there. It enables developers to build complete eCommerce solutions and as a whole it uses the whole Symfony Framework, and it's on Symfony 3.1.x already. Like Sylius, WellCommerce comes from Poland and while it has a relatively small group of developers it seems to be quite active.

The ONGR project is a set of Bundles for the Symfony Framework. The effort does not offer a complete product, but rather a toolkit for building "transactional websites". All of the ONGR components rely on using ElasticSearch as a storage backend and the main ElasticSearch Bundle is without the most interesting one of the bunch, but there are other utility bundles for translations, currency exchange and settings management.

More information on the project's respective websites:

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Sunday December 18, 2016
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