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Full Stack Symfony B2B eCommerce suite OroCommerce released

eCommerce is one of areas of web development where quality and reliability directly affects your bottom line. This is probably one of the reasons many eCommerce software vendors have adopted Symfony. OroCommerce is one of them has reached a 1.0 release.

The OroCRM project has already been working for years on a comprehensive CRM platform built on the Symfony Full Stack Framework. Now Oro, a company behind the Open Source project has taken on the task of building an eCommerce platform of their own.

To challenge market leaders such as Magento, Oro chose to choose a specific niche, B2B trade. The tool comes with quite a few functionalities such as content management capabilities, complex catalog functionalities as claims to have good integration points to ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems.

OroCommerce is yet another business critical application that is built on the Symfony Full Stack Framework, adding to the likes of Akeneo, eZ Platform and Sylius. One big advantage of this is that developers versed in the framework will be able to transition between these tools and leverage their existing experience.

Like many other offerings in the category OroCommerce comes in multiple flavours, with Open Source editions with core functionality as well as a proprietary option with extended capabilities.

For the developer audience the fastest way to get a feel for any tool is probably taking a look under the hood, so go ahead and see the source code here and do an istallation:

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Thursday January 19, 2017
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