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Exploring Content API Options

Today the market is awash with options available for developers to consume content using the APIs. Some go as far as describing their offering as a CMS without the bad parts, where as some choose to provide content using a data centric API platform.

All of this while the classic Content Management System players are opening up their core via APIs and modernising their technical platforms. Is there a silver bullet for Content APIs? Let's find out!

I had the opportunity to talk about this subject at the Angular Helsinki Meetup in March 2016. During the talk I discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of three distinctly different approaches of providing a Content API:

  • Data Platforms
  • Content Platforms
  • Content Management Systems

There are multiple available products for each category, but I chose three products (one from each category) to give a brief demonstration of creating content using a GUI and consuming it using a RESTful API:

Both API Platform and eZ Platform use the Symfony Full Stack Framework, so they are similar for PHP developers to work with. Below you can find a video recording of the talk as well as the slideset created in Microsoft Sway.

Exploring Content API Options - Video recording

Exploring Content API Options - Slideset

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Written by Jani Tarvainen on Thursday March 24, 2016
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