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Will JavaScript take over the Enterprise?

Heavyweight corporate IT giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are making significant investments in Node.js and JavaScript. It's becoming the latest technology in something often though of as black magic: Enterprise Integrations

Top Fortune 500 Companies like Walmart are already deep into Node.js and JavaScript in production:

It's not doing a lot of calculation, you're basically building a glorified proxy, that's doing some live data manipulation, some adjustment, and allows to get API from different teams, make them more uniform or consistent, and that's primarily the area that we're using Node. And what we're getting from that is first of all, it's giving us a migration platform.

Learn more from the Joyent website: Eran Hammer introduces how Walmart uses Node.js

JavaScript on the server side with Node.js is a relatively new phenomenon, but it's gaining momentum rapidly in the Enterprise for integrations to Web Service integrations and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. The legacy systems are the stable bedrock for younger tools that compromise on data integrity (MongoDB) and stability (Node.js).

While time goes on JavaScript matures to an ever more stable language with EcmaScript 2015, 2016 and beyond. And as for development tools for JavaScript from the old players like Microsoft? They're arguably the best in the business and immediately familiar to enterprise developers.

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Written by Jani Tarvainen on Tuesday July 14, 2015
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