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Pagekit is a Modern PHP CMS

A new Content Management System has joined the constantly growing group of LAMP CMSes using Symfony components as their base. Pagekit is a product built from scratch using modern technologies such as Vue.js, Symfony, Webpack and others.

Building a robust Content Management System has never been easier than today. With the level of maturity of Software Components in the PHP community, new projects can spring up at a relatively short pace.

Pagekit is one of these new initiatives, which has put a lot of effort on the front end editing experience. With mature PHP and JavaScript libraries, the team has been able to focus on usability instead of creating basic functionalities such as URL Routing.

A team of just a handful of developers managed to create this product which would have been an enterprise undertaking just ten years ago. This stands as a testament of how implementing Symfony for CMSes allows rapid development of high quality software.

Notable Pagekit features in a nutshell:

  • Intuitive content creation with a Markdown editor
  • Integrated Media Management
  • Intuitive user and permission system
  • Console tools for developers
  • Built-in Marketplace
  • Online updates

Pagekit does not magically simplify the complex problem domain of content management, so mature tools such as eZ Platform CMF and Drupal will continue to have their place as platforms for integrated services and enterprise content management.

Taking on WordPress, on the other hand, requires a very vibrant community. Let's see if Pagekit will garner this.

Learn more on and study the source on Github.

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Saturday September 12, 2015
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