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New 2015 Debug Toolbar Design in Symfony

The popularity of Symfony has made the debug toolbar a familiar sight for many developers. Ranging from Drupal to Bolt to eZ Publish, many different tools now share common debugging interfaces.

As a part of larger version jump to 3.0, the Symfony community has refined the look of this rather ubiquitous element appearing on millions of developer screens daily. The activity of the community in this rather subtle change underlines the importance of good development tools.

The participation on the pull request itself is rather impressive:

The related pull request got almost 150 comments and reviews made by 28 participants. In total, 44 commits were needed to tweak the final design, comprising 1,200 changed lines across 31 files.

The redesigned interface is now available for any Symfony 2.8-dev or 3.0-dev applications.

Read more and view the screenshots: New in Symfony 2.8: Redesigned Web Debug Toolbar

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Monday August 3, 2015
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