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Helsinki Symfony Meetup on September 17th

The second meetup in Helsinki, Finland for developers interested in Symfony is held on Thursday, in September 17th. More details on the programme to be announce once we get them confirmed, but be sure to reserve your spot over at

If you're intererested in web development, but not into PHP and Symfony - it is still worth while joining since Blackfire will support other languages in addition to PHP. Join us!

Helsinki September Symfony Meetup

After a long summer it's time to get together again and talk code!

We've been making some adjustments to the event schedule and it now starts at 17:30 and continues from there on. There is a separate Business Event before the meetup, which you are welcome to join as well. RSVP and details on the event to be added.

The location is set to Kaarle XII and the date is set to Thursday, September 17th. Speakers are still being arranged, but the following are confirmed:

Performance is no more a curse

Romain Neutron from Blackfire

I bet you are writing unit tests for your apps; if not, you probably feel ashamed. But what about performance? Everyone is talking about it but very few people actually integrate performance into their development workflow... After some quick theory, I will show you how to use Blackfire that makes it so easy to profile your apps that you won't have any more excuses anymore for not doing it. Finally, I will talk about my new holy grail: Continuous Performance Profiling.

Symfony and Content Management

Jani Tarvainen from Exove

Content Management may appear simple to a layman, but when you end up working with multiple sites, multilingual, versioning, media assets and real user needs... it is not trivial. Symfony has garnered an impressive roster of popular CMSes adopting it. This is a great thing for developers, as you can now use your skills across different tools - without huge investment in application specific Templating engines, etc. This talk will present some tools that you can use across different content management systems written in PHP.

Participation is free, but limited. RSVP on September Symfony Meetup

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Saturday August 29, 2015
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