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Choosing between a Framework and a CMS

Yeah, so... there's a new project coming to a trendy agency or a web tech sweatshop. Sales scramble and techies go bonkers on what to build it with - should we go for a CMS or a Framework?

Once they come to a conclusion that it's "a CMS project" they start pondering on which one of these the products should we go with? You'll spend time gathering comparing opinions, feature lists and analysing the previous track record. Read more about choosing a CMS.

Developers are asked if X be able to do Y, what about Z - can it integrate with Y like B does? Let me you in on a little secret, ladies and gentlemen:

This is software, everything is possible!*

Once the product selection is made you'll scratch around for resources capable of understanding this alien technology. To this I answer - You can drive a car, yes? You'll manage an automatic with a left hand drive, even if you normally drive a manual with right hand drive. Right? No? Well maybe you shouldn't have a license at all...

Often everyone could work with any of the tools in a company. Efficiency is in the routine - it's not a magical gift you're born with. Few people are that special.

Fuck that. If you're building something with fairly common requirements (like a website) and use some fairly common tools - you really can't go wrong. It's hard to differentiate between a CMS and a framework nowadays. Just as it is to try to create excuses for labelling a developer exclusively Back End or Front End.

In the end it's all a game of chances. Technology fashion is often the key factor. Look for the best team of people, rather than the best possible technical tool.

* Slow maybe, but possible.

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Wednesday July 8, 2015
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