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A Symfony CMS workshop and a whole lot more at the Summer Camps

eZ Publish Summer Camp and PHP Summer Camp are a joint event held in Croatia at the end of August (26. - 29.8.2015). There will be excellent professionals (and me) holding hands-on workshops about all things PHP, eCommerce, Content Management and whatnot.

The events are organized by Netgen and sponsored by Exove and many others. The organizing team has done a great job at gathering a superb lineup of speakers. Also the setting by the Adriatic Sea in Rovinj couldn't be better for off-line activities.

The programming is geared towards practical exercises and interaction instead of unidirectional shut-up-the-all-knowing-rockstar-guru-is-talking type of sessions:

3 days of PHP & Symfony focused hands-on workshops providing useful examples and first-hand experience.

Read more about the tickets, programme, venue intormation and how to get there:

Web Developers from all threads of life will be guaranteed to learn a bunch of things about, meet new people and enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Convince your boss and join us! :)

In addition to participating and learning about building eCommerce solutions with Symfony on Sylius and eZ Platform, Next-gen package development using Puli and a bunch of other things, I will hold a workshop on the eZ Platform track.

The high level subject is using your skills across different PHP content management tools. To keep things hands on we will be diving into code with two different management tools: eZ Platform and Bolt. Read the following session abstract for more details.

Session abstract: Start with Bolt and go eZ

As you may know, Symfony Components are becoming a staple in the PHP community. Many projects use them and you can use your code and skill set across different tools better than ever before.

Ease of use and low barrier are essential for Content Management tools to catch on popularity. eZ Platform is a feature-rich platform with a plethora of features and functions. As such, it does have a degree of complexity deterring some beginner users.

Bolt, an elegant lightweight Content Management System built with Silex, a micro framework based on Symfony components, is dead simple to install, runs on a SQLite database by default, and has a lot of ready extensions. While Bolt is a great tool with solid technical foundation, in larger projects you'll eventually need more structure and some features such as multisite, multilanguage, and enterprise grade search.

In this session we will start off with the brief Bolt and Silex introduction. We'll go through the basics of how it works and which components are shared between Bolt and eZ Platform. Prior understanding of the Symfony2 full stack framework is expected.

After the introduction, we will go hands-on at how to integrate and upgrade in the realms of Bolt and eZ Platform. We'll explore the migration process, share template code, reverse proxy configurations, etc.

Written by Jani Tarvainen on Saturday July 11, 2015
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